Personalized Funeral Candles

Candles have multipurpose usage. You can use them for so many other things, besides their basic use of providing light when dark. Candles have been used for decorative purposes and so creating an ambience of peace and serenity from time immemorial. Similarly candles have been used extensively at funerals. Lighting candles at funeral services add a touch of peace and tranquility to the entire proceedings. Candles can also be lit in memory of the dead either at the service or at future death anniversaries.

If candles are included as part of funerals then the procedure is that each person lights a candle in memory of the dear departed as he says his final adieu. Lighting candles is a nice way to pay your respect and say your final farewell to someone you care about. These days you get personalized funeral candles. These candles can be made to bear the photograph of the departed person along with a nice, sweet poem in memory of him. Placing of the photograph or printing a poem is all possible through a thin layer of wax placed on the candle.

There are many funeral services or funeral homes which provide these personalized funeral candles. It is always nice to give out such beautifully made candles to all the guests so that they can light them during the service. You also get personalized candles with pearls, lace, embellishments and many more such things on them for ceremonies like funerals. Personalized candles can also be ordered for death anniversaries when families get together to pay their respects to their beloved family member.

Well designed and well crafter candles which are personalized for funerals and other occasions only go to show the importance of the occasion or ceremony taking place. Such small measures as having personalized candles are always appreciated by the guests.

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