Persuasion Techniques – How Kids Use Persuasion to Get What They Want

Persuasion techniques can really make your life easier. Wouldn’t you want to get what you want with just a snap of the finger? Well, maybe not just a snap but you know what I mean.

Think back to your own childhood days and try to remember if any of the following seems familiar. You might have used them at one point or another.

Tears Will Get You Somewhere.

Tears can be very powerful. If you’re a girl, it’s bound to be easier for you. I imagine some guys cringing at the thought of having to cry to get what they want. If you’re one of those guys, then you can either choose to ignore this paragraph or try to understand the mechanics of it.

Crying softly usually softens people up. After all, they don’t really intend to make you cry. In order to get you to stop, they’ll do anything. Even give in to what you want.

However, keep in mind that using emotional persuasion techniques is selective. They won’t work on everybody. Kids often use this technique on their parents; but remember, there are also parents who don’t give in easily, so choose your targets wisely.

Take Advantage of the Reward x Punishment Tactic.

A lot of people use reward and punishment to get people to do what they want. But you can also switch it around to your advantage.

If you’re dealing with a person who is fond of giving out rewards, then try tapping into those rewards more. Be the one to request the reward you want to receive.

Do nice, little things for that other person; so when the time comes for you to do the asking, it will be easy to persuade them to give you what you want.

Persuasion techniques come in all shapes and sizes. Effects vary depending on the wielder and the person such techniques are used on. You are probably the best person to decide which tip goes to what situation.

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