PhD in Space and Planetary Sciences

Space and Planetary Sciences definitely sounds like an interesting study. The study focuses on universes, planets, moons, Solar system and planet systems. Those who want to pursue a PhD in Space and Planetary Sciences, the subjects that need to be covered are advanced studies of statistical physics, geochemistry, geophysics, planet science theories, space physics and observational astronomy. Other subjects in the doctorate may also include space exploration, aerospace engineering and astrobiology. It should be clarified that it is a different and specified field from astronomy. One who desire to take up this PhD must have a background in physics studies. This doctorate is a difficult study yet it also allows the student face the challenges in exploring and developing skills. One should also be expected to practice many problems solving and analysis.

Those who earn a PhD in Space and Planetary Sciences could land themselves in jobs like astronomer, geophysicist, spacecraft engineer, scientist or researcher. They would either work with the government or private businesses that are related to space science and planetary science. Other may choose jobs like research advisor or professor in universities which one still makes use of the knowledge of space and planetary sciences.

Those who earn a PhD in Space and Planetary Sciences do benefits humankind by the exploration of space and the planets. Currently there are still many efforts to find life other than on earth. Such mission is important in planning for the future of human race. Discoveries from the outer space and other planets being made so far have been eye-opening to all of us. The images being sent by space shuttles and crafts allow us to know how exactly the planets, moons or other objects like meteoroids look like. These are challenging to study but it benefits all of us. It is certainly a study that could be developed further in the future.

Source by Dennis Moore Hopkins

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