Plumbing Apprenticeships – Key To A Rewarding Career

Over the last few decades while most parents have encouraged their children to pursue a college degree, fewer young people have taken advantage of programs like plumbing apprenticeships designed to teach the plumbing trades. At the same time, the population of the U.S. has increased substantially which has increased the demand for skilled professionals in these, and other, areas. Following the law of supply and demand, those who have completed their plumbing apprenticeships now command wages equal to, and often surpassing, the average college graduate.

Also, following a trade is a very good career choice for the individual who does not want to be sitting at a desk all day long, or likes working with their hands. When thinking about plumbers, most of us think of the men and women who come to the house to fix a leak, or clear out a stopped drain. But plumbing is a career that offers many diverse choices in both types of jobs and job areas. Both men and women can now be found pursuing careers in plumbing in big commercial construction companies, home builders, home renovators, and even for local, state, and federal governments.

Some plumbers decide to specialize in one specific area and become masters at these functions. Some of the job types that plumbers can specialize in are:

  • Pipe Layers: These plumbers concentrate on correctly laying the pipe for drainage, water, and other systems
  • Pipe Fitters: Plumbers who work with pipe systems that are pressurized
  • Steam Fitters: Folks who work with piping systems carrying very highly pressurized gas and steam.
  • Sprinkler Fitters: Specialized in the installation of office and apartment building sized fire suppression systems.

In local government, plumbers will work closely with local building inspectors to insure that both new and any changes to an existing plumbing system are correct and will work properly. At the state level, highly qualified plumbers assist in inspecting water treatment plants, making required repairs to state owned property and buildings, as well as other duties.

In federal government service not only due plumbers maintain and install system in federally owned buildings around the country, they also often support the military by providing their services as required around the globe. Not to be overlooked as a career option is starting your own plumbing business. Many plumbers who began working for a national chain, or working for a government begin their own plumbing businesses and have a very rewarding career.

In short, plumbers have been with us for years playing a critical role in public sanitation and keeping our commercial and private systems in good working order. Plumbing jobs in all their wide variety make in intriguing career choice.

Source by Jesse L Moore

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