Pods Pricing

Pods have become the great way to move and have storage that many individuals are very appreciative of. PODS which is short for Portable On Demand Storage is not only a clever system but much more convenient and affordable for those who need storage or are moving. Gone are the days when you were planning a move, had to pack up everything you owned and run for the Uhaul which you only had for a few hours. The pricing with the PODS will vary depending on the size of the POD and what you will be using it for. If you are moving it cross country then the pricing will be higher than if you are moving a couple of miles across town.

Before even looking into the POD pricing there are a few things to take into account First, make sure the company you want to rent the POD from will service the areas you will need the POD in. If you are moving, make sure the company you choose delivers to the destination. In most cases the delivery areas can be looked up right on your computer at the company website.

The condition of the PODS is also very important. With PODS you are getting convenience and they are well worth it. Just be sure you know the company and the condition of the PODS that they will be delivering for you to use. Of course most of the larger companies will have PODS that are in great condition and pleasing to the eye. The smaller unheard of companies may not have the newest PODS and worry as much about quality. You will be doing yourself a big favor in the long run to know the condition beforehand.

POD pricing will depend on how large the PODS unit is, how long you will be renting the container and where the PODS will be delivered to. All of these will be factored into the final cost that you are given. Typical cost is about $100 per month for a 12 foot by 8 foot PODS unit. Because the cost will vary based on location, if you store the container at your place or with PODS, and if you just use the container locally or want to move cross country with it, the best bet is to call the company or go on the company website. Just be sure to get the quote in writing. This way you will be sure the price will not change.

PODS are fast becoming the favorite rental in moving and storage. There is no rushing to get things packed up. Best of all, when you get to your new home or destination there is no rush trying to unload. This is a much calmer way to get things unpacked and put things where you want them without climbing over boxes. The pricing on the PODS is well worth it when you factor in the convenience. These PODS are also great if you are planning on doing renovations to your home or business. Moving the furniture and odds and ends is easy and all is kept safe and out of harms way.

The price for PODS in your local area can be found by visiting, and entering promo code ‘R101’ will save you 5% off the total.

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