Practice the Art of Goal Setting and Your Life Will Become More Focused and Enjoyable

The art of goal setting is one that not many people practice. Many surveys indicate that many people do not have a realistic set of goals that would like to achieve in their life time. Many people do not practice writing down short term goals and a plan of action how to achieve those goals. Many people just “wing” it as life goes along. If you set goals for yourself and keep a written record of them it will most likely help you to stay focused in achieving what you want out of life. It will also provide you a tool to build a plan of action on how to achieve any goal that you want for yourself. The key to success is to start right now by sitting down and having a dialog with yourself. Ask yourself about short range and long range goals that you have in mind. It will not be an easy task but you will get better at the process with a little practice.

It is vital that you commit these ideas on paper. Write your goals out in draft form. You can worry about fine tuning them later. First, try some short term goals for yourself. Those are the most easy to think about and write them out. Be as specific as possible and include dates, times, and action steps. Make sure they are measurable. Make sure that you will be able to answer the question, “Did I succeed with this goal or did I fail with this goal?” As you gain some skill in the art of goal setting you will then be able to write out long term goals as well.

When you do your goal setting make sure that your goals are performance oriented. Do not make them idealistic or “dreams” and a wish list of ideas. Do not write a goal that simply says I would like to have a college degree someday. Put your goal into specific language. The better example would be: I want to earn a degree in Business within the next five years and will begin by taking at least one class every semester starting this year. That becomes a goal that is measurable and one that you can evaluate. It also contains a plan of action to get your started.

The idea of goal setting can be fun and enjoyable if you work at it. You will look forward to reviewing your goals, your progress, and evaluating your plan of action. It makes for a much better organized approach to life and will keep you focused. Begin small and work at it and you will become better in the art of setting goals.

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