Prerequisites of a Distributor From Mutual Fund Software

We justify the prerequisites of a distributor in many terms by this online mutual fund software named as “wealth e office” effectively used by more than 2500+ CFPs and MF Advisors across 400+ cities in India. Good portfolio management software makes what would once have been a fraught undertaking, quite simple.

We have opted software methodology based on investment concept by an investor to a distributor as when it comes for a small investment by an investor for him the time to move on from basic investment to more investment by seeing market standards then same as we have developed so many things in software from small software to robust mutual fund software for distributors. Our software includes reports classification as given below-

AUM report differentiation by advisors – If you’re working with a corporation, then there is the requirement to see AUM individually as given by sub brokers because at that time it becomes a need to hide advisor wise AUM we cannot show over all AUM and there is the option in our software to see AUM by sub brokers. Particularly use for those firms who in charge of maintaining privacy and security as per client investment handled by sub brokers.

Historical transaction records- Wealth e office software is used by distributor professionals to watch the risk and return characteristics of their client’s portfolios on historical data. Live NAV updates, sensex update for equity funds is also there.

Asset allocation in mutual fund investment – there is asset allocation for every investment it may be equity or debt there is also the sub categorization for this equity and debt category, this details are not provided by any other vendor on same page as we provides to you in this mutual fund software for IFA and then it reflect to your client. It can be check for all clients in a single shot as the category may be any type – DIVERSIFIED, INCOME, SECTOR, BALANCED and TAX SAVING FUNDS (ELSS).

Report to tell you that how you can focus on non investing client – as there may be so many clients who were with you but not now or it may be possible that some clients who having investment with you but now not regularly in touch with you to invest more than in both the cases the software is there to help you as it give you the list of your dead client 0 balance clients, non SIP, non MIP and ELSS clients. As the possibility of their investment can be increased if you will be having an interaction regarding the same and software will give you the excel of it with a positive note of current AUM status as well the AUM status after the investment done by following clients available in list. Advisor has to focus on it and perform the portfolio making strategy infront of an investor using existing reports so that he will try to invest more or atlaest will think to start an elss investment to keep money safe and volatile for many years without any redemption.

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