Procrastination: A Villain to Time Management

Time is our crucial resource and once you pass it without using it properly then you will never be able to get it back. Then, it is important for us to manage our time but procrastination stands in between like a mountain. Procrastination means the habit of putting tasks off to the last possible minute.There might be many possible reasons for a person to be a procrastinate.

1. The most common reason might be a dis-organized schedule of a person. With a dis-organized schedule, every task gets mixed up and our crucial tasks gets left out.

2. Many a times it is possible that we feel overwhelmed by a task. We feel defeated by a particular task and we ignore it by giving the low concerned task more importance.

3. There is also fear of failure of the task given. We have the fear of failure due to lack of confidence. We are not that confident that our work done will give us success.

4. We also have a sense of having a broad time. We feel that we have lots of time with us and we leave the most concerned work for the last.

5. When we are much committed to technology and other stuff we often ignore our tasks to some temporary enjoyment.

Procrastination affects our daily life. The most adverse effect is that it wastes a lot of time. Its effects on our daily lives are as follows:

1. Decrease productivity- It will not bring any improvement in the task completion.

2. Lots of tasks undone- Due to procrastination lots of important tasks remain undone.

3. If we have a desire to achieve a big goal then we need to determine each step towards its achievement. But procrastination makes our rate of daily achievements slow which widens the distance to our goals.

4. It will cause clutter- It leads to the formation of piles ans piles of paper of tasks undone.

5. Makes the problem get bigger and bigger- Sometimes a small problem left out gets converted into a big problem which causes much trouble for us.

6. Cannot meet the deadlines- It delays the completion time of our tasks.

Many a times it leads to mental problems such as:

1. Decrease in our esteem.

2. Mentally we feel unsatisfied with our own performance.

3. Concentration power and focus decreases from our work.

4. We feel stressed, guilty, etc.

If there are problems then every problem has a solution. So, the solution to procrastination are as follows;

1. Ask someone to check on you because in pressure we do our work perfectly.

2. Scheduling ourselves and trying best to follow it.

3. Setting time-bound goals.

4. Doing one task at a time.

Try giving more concern to important tasks.

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