Prosperity Begins in the Mind

How would you feel and act RIGHT NOW if you had everything you wanted?

Well, let’s just pause for a moment and visualize this: Right now, ‘see’ yourself acting ‘as if’ you did have everything you wanted. See yourself acting in that way; capture the feeling of completeness and satisfaction that you would have. Luxuriate in that thought! What a wonderful feeling that is, and it is possible!

But let’s first ask ourselves… how DO we manifest prosperity?

It is a fact that prosperity BEGINS in mind. First as an idea, and then it comes into form. “As within, so without” as the saying goes as well as the more well-known quote, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

In the wonderful and highly recommended book on this very important subject, “You, too, can be prosperous,” by Robert A. Russell, he gives us the great spiritual secrets of attaining abundance and prosperity. This ageless wisdom has transformed millions of lives and it can transform yours as well by learning it and implementing it into your life.

As I say in all my radio shows, thoughts are things and YOUR thoughts create your reality. This, then, is absolutely true and in exact correlation with having enormous wealth and prosperity in your life. You can only have things that are in harmony with your thoughts and beliefs. That is a Universal Law.

The great spiritual truth in regard to our wealth and prosperity is that God is the Source and Substance of your supply and people are merely channels!

What does that mean?

Well, it’s true on this human plane that is it people who hire us for our jobs, give us our paychecks, our bonuses and the like, but it is GOD that is the one true SOURCE. When you are aware of this wonderful spiritual truth and incorporate that into your consciousness, you will begin to stop holding onto people, jobs and things so tenaciously and fearfully because they actually represent only ONE of many, many channels available to us. Stop giving your power away to these people and things and affirm, “This or something better.” Ease up.

When we meditate and pray for more wealth and abundance in our lives, we don’t necessarily know where it’s going to come from and we don’t need to know. That is up to Infinite Intelligence/God which can see a MUCH bigger picture than we could ever see as human beings. By knowing this, we will be able to release an enormous amount of fear, struggle and worry, when we trust and KNOW that God is the source of our supply and that people are merely channels and that there are an abundance of channels available to us. Some we know of and some we are not aware of, but as I mentioned before, we don’t need to know where our good is coming from we just need to TRUST!

For those of you who are now out and about interviewing for a new job, this is of particular importance to you. Who hasn’t gone after a job claiming that it’s ‘my’ job and I ‘must’ have it… only to be bitterly disappointed when we didn’t get it. But somehow, up the road, an even better job came our way. This has happened to me many times before when I stated out in the business world and then I finally ‘got it!’ I then began to go to interviews without any anxiousness or a ‘having’ to have that specific job no matter how much I wanted it, and you know what? I was much more relaxed, more confident, more articulate, calmer, and presented myself more authentically and more as a professional. I increased my chances of getting the job ten-fold and knew in my soul that if I did not get the job it was because there was something equal or better for me out there.

This wonderful ‘knowing; gives us an enormous sense of freedom… of calm… and peace of mind. Knowing that God is the source and substance of your supply and that people are merely channels is absolutely KEY to your happiness, success and prosperity.

The next important point to getting more prosperity in your life is to begin affirming that you are prosperous. For those of you who are not familiar with affirmations or why they are important to your success, just think of them as positive statements that we can use to change our mind, belief system, attitudes and actions and therefore get the results we want. A fabulous affirmation for prosperity would be: “By day and by night, I am being prospered in all my ways!” Another great affirmation is, “I am now, in the process of attracting greater abundance, prosperity and success into my life in everything I am undertaking!”

So, this wonderful author on prosperity, Robert A. Russell, suggests something else which is absolutely wonderful on how to successfully program your mind so that you continue thinking of prosperity throughout the day and it goes like this:

For the next 7 days, every time you do something routinely such as turning the ignition of your car, brushing your teeth, picking up a pen to write, or washing your hands, or take a drink of water, say every time you do this, “I am prosperity!” Let these daily tasks remind you that you are thinking about abundance and about prosperity continually. He calls it the ‘association method.’ He says that if you will do this intelligently and systematically, for a period of even 7 days, you will be amazed at the beneficial changes and blessings that will come into your life!

Make no mistake, once you start ingraining your mind with this prosperity consciousness everything in your life begins to change. That moment everything begins to improve, because your thoughts improve. Say over and over, “I am Prosperity” and say it with meaning!

In addition to working deliberately and persistently with this idea, the authors asks that you watch your attitude, your thoughts, your feelings and your conversations during that period of time to see that you do not once revert to your old ways of thinking and feeling. Know what you want and declare it with conviction. If others start talking about lack, limitation and failure, absolutely REFUSE to comment or partake in the conversation. Do not let your new vibration of “I am prosperity” go down the drain with negative thoughts or conversations with other people!

If, during the next seven days you catch negative or contradictory thoughts creeping in (and they will), catch yourself and REFusE to entertain them. Say, “I am not going to think about illness… that job… those unpaid bills… that apartment. I am going to think only about wealth and health. I AM PROSPERITY! This is the new thought pattern and habit of my life.

What does he mean by that? Well, I understand it to mean that each one of us has the gift of free will or the freedom to think whatever thoughts we choose to concentrate on most throughout each day. Ask yourself right now what thoughts are you concentrating on right now? Are you thinking about prosperity and success in your life or are you thinking about lack and limitation? Your environment and your feelings… especially your feelings… will let you know exactly what you are thinking because they are an exact replica of your thoughts and beliefs.

It’s true that no one can think of prosperity all day long and we’re all in agreement there. What Robert A. Russell is suggesting is that you must make it one of your ‘predominant’ thoughts throughout the day until it gets completely ingrained into your consciousness. As Emerson said, “A man is what he thinks about all day long.” Your primary thoughts, the ones you concentrate on most, will be what you will see in the people you attract to you as well as in your life circumstances. One of the most popular sayings is ‘change your thoughts and change your life,’ but, of course, Rome wasn’t built in a day! It will take time to replace your habitual thoughts that are negative to more positive ones, but you can do it!

It is also important that you FEEL what you are saying and thinking in your mind. You can’t just repeat these affirmations and think these new thoughts without actually ‘feeling’ them as well or it won’t work. That is why there are so many books on visualization and why so many successful athletes visualize to attain their best performances. They do it because it works and it will work for you too!

A great example of this was given to me by a great minister I knew, Dr. Domenic Polifrone, when he told us if we wanted a new car that we needed to go down to the showroom and test drive it. He said it didn’t matter if we didn’t have one penny in the bank. Just go down to that showroom, get behind the wheel of that car and test drive it! Get a few brochures to keep. SEE and FEEL yourself driving and owning this beautiful, new car. Get into the consciousness of “I am prosperity and I am in the process of buying and owning this beautiful, new car!” Try it. This experiment works!

It’s the same with taking a trip. Go to a travel agency and pick up brochures on the destination you want to travel to. Put them all around your home and FEEL yourself being there. Close your eyes and see yourself on the plane taking you there, landing, going to your luxurious hotel. Picture it, feel it, get into it and you will set off a vibration to make it manifest in your life! There is a wonderful say, “An idea held in mind, backed by faith, draws to it the necessary conditions for it’s fulfillment.”

So just know right now that your mind is one of your most prized possessions. It has been said that you are the architect of your life. Ask yourself right now… what kind of life are you building for yourself? A magnificent life or a limited life? Everything that has been available to everyone is also available to you. There is a wonderful quote from Balzac which underscores this fact. He said, “None are superior to what you might become!”

Start knowing that the potentiality of one is the potentiality of all. If anybody has wealth you can have wealth; if anybody has a beautiful home, you can have a beautiful home. LIFE IS A STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS. ‘As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

Change your consciousness and change your world.

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