Recycling Should Be Americas Favorite Pastime

Recycling should be one of our most favorite pastimes. It’s already a favorite for those who inhabit

the streets. But for those who aren’t in need of its financial reward it is simply a past time of

putting cardboard boxes, plastics, glass and aluminum cans in their city provided recycling cans.

But why isn’t recycling one of our favorite pastimes? Well, recycling is fairly recent, at least in

modern times.

Recycling campaigns erupted during World War II because of shortages in resources caused by the

World Wars. But that’s not why most people recycle today. Our country has a large population of

people that go out of their way to recycle empty beer cans, soda cans, beer bottles, newspapers,

and plastic beverage containers. Heck, they spend the money to consume these products they

might as well put them to full use, and ladies and gentlemen that is what these people do. Who

are these people? Well for the most part it would be safe to assume they are largely beer

enthusiasts, Americans in lower income brackets, caffeine junkies (soda caffeine), the newspaper

reading community (grandmas and grandpas) and the homeless. Oh, we can’t forget those who

call themselves business men. Those who recycle scrap metal and cardboard. A small percentage

of these “business men” steal this scrap metal from abandoned buildings, industrial warehouses

(air conditioners and electric polls on rooftops) and wherever they can see these potential dollar

bills lying around.

In our current times our so called powerful economy is in what they call a recession. Many people

are losing their jobs and are out there struggling looking for new jobs. Most of these people have

to rely on working at retail shops which is a mystery considering people are not spending their

money. Other jobs like data entry positions, warehousing, and miscellaneous part-time jobs at

night time and part-time jobs on the weekend seem to be available.

Largely due to active environmentalists many companies and individuals are “going green” in

which recycling is a part of. But recycling today is still not a federal law. Recycling has given us the

impression that it is a privilege to those who take part in the consumer economy and for those

who just go out of their way to recycle without investing in it. These current times should influence

a blind shout-out to those who do participate in our consumer economy by giving back to


Beer enthusiasts already caught on long time ago. They spend their mighty dollars on their favorite beers and go out of their

way to recycle those cans to help buy more beers. This mostly influences these people to continue drinking but that’s another

story for another day. Aluminum prices have a forecast that would set 2008’s average at $1.30 per lb. So if people are not

going out of their way to fill up the city provided recycling bin they should start going out of their way nowâEUR¦on their behalf.

Today’s expenses like gas and mortgage payments are burning holes in our pockets so our extra money is lost. An extra $50

here and there from recycling can help take the kids or girlfriend out to the movies, pay a bill that just popped up, or even

give a homeless individual that extra change they asked for. These are things that most of us probably couldn’t have done

before we started recycling.

Our kids may be unhappy or could be getting into trouble out on the streets because we’re not recycling! Our girlfriend or

spouse may leave us because we’re not taking them to a dinner and a movie every now and then! So start recycling! In

these times people should reap benefits like this. It’s crazy not to. You may lose your house or maybe even your kids.

What do you think?

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