Reiki Empowerment

As humans, we have to deal with many different diseases and complications. Learning Reiki can in fact make a large impact in how healthy one feels on a day to day basis.

In today’s society, modern medicine and pharmaceutical companies have dominated the health care market promoting prescription drugs of all sorts in order to treat certain illnesses and problems. However, the fact of the matter is that prevention of these problems and leading a healthy, active life are of great importance to keeping yourself disease free. Reiki Masters all agree that prevention is the greatest way to stay healthy, and use Reiki as a tool to help them accomplish health in both themselves and their patients.

Reiki has shown to be helpful for the entire body. Physically, it can heal many common ailments, as well as the more chronic ones. It can help with lowering the bodies toxicity levels, injuries, as well as diseases all with a positive result. Emotionally, it has been known to help with depression, anxiety, stress, and other emotional traumas. Reiki is even beneficial for people who suffer with post-traumatic shock disorder. There is no problem that cannot be solved in some part due to Reiki.

Overall, Reiki promotes good mental and physical state. Reiki accomplishes this by channeling the vital energy (the Reiki energy) towards the areas of the body that are affected. This energy automatically helps to fight off these areas and gives the body back its normal function without any foreign substances or invasive methods. Reiki and the ideas behind the practice generally promote well being to achieve happiness and courage to the patients, thus helping them enjoy life to its fullest.

In addition to helping the body with conditions it may already have, Reiki sessions are used as a means of prevention. Reiki treatments generally give the patient a sense of “the calm” and help to reduce stress and anxiety. Keeping and promoting a positive mood allows the good energy to continually flow through your body and prevent negative energy from building up in the body. These sessions are perfect for anybody, and the technique will allow the body to experience total relaxation.

Now that you know how great of an experience learning Reiki can be, it’s time to go out and learn Reiki for yourself! The Reiki empowerment procedure takes place through 3 different steps:

Level one – focuses on preparing the body for receiving the energy. During these initial preparations the student is taught how to attract energy, receive it inside their bodies and work with it for their own healing. The basic notions of channeling the energy are also disclosed in the first degree sessions. At the end of the preparation period the student will receive the attunement which enables them to use Reiki for their own sake. From then on the students will need to perform regular sessions to clean themselves and balance the level of energy from their bodies.

Level two – focuses on the others, as the students will be given lessons about the way in which they can use energy to heal others. The sacred symbols are taught now and the emphasis lies more on the spiritual being of the student rather than on their physical body (which was the object of the level one). At the end of this level, which lasts four times longer than the first, the student should be able to individuate the part of the body which needs treatment, will be able to give proper care to other people and will be capable of initiating both hands-on and distance treatment sessions.

Level three – this is the last attunement. Students who choose to undergo this last level of learning will be taught how to pass their knowledge and power to others who want to learn Reiki. At the end of the lessons they become Reiki masters and have the highest rank in the Reiki hierarchy, but they are also more responsible, as they are in charge of their lives as well as of the others’.

Many courses are taught, but the time and expense make learning Reiki an inconvenience to most people. Fortunately, there are ways to learn Reiki quickly and cheaply, allowing anybody the chance to become a Reiki Master and fully experience the benefits that learning Reiki can provide. If you want to know more about the actual Reiki sessions, a lot of information is available to help you better understand the actual healing process.

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