Reliance Mutual Fund NFO

Reliance Mutual Fund is the largest asset management company of India. It is also one of the top fund companies of India. Moreover, it is a part of Reliance Capital. RMF has announced New Fund Offer. For the first time, it has announced a Small Cap fund. It has also decided to invest in 65% of equity and equity related companies and instruments. They may the increase percentage even up to 100%. This NFO has two options. It has growth as well as dividend option. Investors can handle the dividends in two ways. It can be received as cash or can be reinvested.

Entry and Exit Load:

As per the rules of Stock Exchange Board of India, the entry load is nil. The exit rule varies according to the holding period. If the holding period is less than 12 months, then the exit load is 2%. If the holding period is more than 12 months and within 24 months, then the exit load is 1%. After that, the load is nil.

Special Facility:

The new fund offer has a special auto switch facility. The investors can transfer from Reliance Liquid Fund – Treasury Plan to this new fund. The performance of this new scheme would be benchmarked against BSE Small Cap Index. The minimum investment required is 5000 rupees. Further investment will be in multiples of 1 rupee. There are three schemes in this Small Cap Fund category. The minimum investment is 5000 rupees only for all the three schemes.

How to Invest?

You can invest either through your agents or through online. The online application is available in all mutual fund and investment websites.

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