Resume Cover Letter Help – What Helped Me Get Hired

Where does one turn for resume cover letter help? Friends, family the internet? I’m sure that anyone of us has more than one source to go to for help on the subject. In my case the only concern I had was the time. I would go to my parents for help but they come from a different time. I’m not saying it was easier to get a job before but it was different. People met and had personal contact. They got a better feel for each other. Now we email so much that it’s no longer an asset to have a good personality. At times only what’s on paper is reviewed, just to make the interview. There are ways around this though.

Take what I did for example. For resume cover letter help I went to my brother, who’s only a few years older than me. He recommended I use a cover letter generator that would use professional language that a professional in the field would relate too. It didn’t end there, he told me to add to it. Write in a few sentences of short summaries of my resume. I had been involved in projects and he suggested I put that in. I did find it easier to write 10 different letters with the cover letter program. He told me to try different things and see what happened. This is what he said, literally “it can’t get any worse. You don’t have a job so try different ideas. Don’t use some generic letter. Remember that it’s a person reading it. You don’t know if it’s an emotional person or an analytical person, a boring generic letter won’t connect with either so don’t use them.” I didn’t get it at first.

To further help my resume stand out I learned some of the things potential employers want to hear and what they don’t want to hear. For example, I love to dance and I volunteer time to teach dance to kids at our local sports complex. My brother, told me that as great as that is, to not over play it on the resume or cover letter. “Don’t give the impression that you’ll be making a move to a dance career.” Employers don’t like to hire a person, train them and then lose them to American Idol or So you think you can Dance. They want to hear your committed to growing in a company learning all you can and staying there for a while.

I also looked into the company website when possible and learned about the field the company was in. Knowing about the company plus the cover letter generator using the proper language for the field helped me make the letter relate to the company and stand out. Dropping off a copy in person after emailing as instructed made a huge difference in the number of interviews I went on. Resume cover letter help can come from many places. For formatting language and variety to the letter my brother’s suggestion worked well. That’s what helped me the most.

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