Retirement – A New Beginning!

It is a pessimistic approach to look at retirement as the end of the road. Retirement can be also visualized as a new beginning. It is a journey that can be looked upon, as third phase of your life.

You might be tempted to ask as to which are the other phases. Childhood and schooling is a stage we all go through with similar events like going to school every day, playing, completing the school assignments, and lots of other fun. But, that was a stage with little responsibilities. As a child, a lot of our responsibilities and concerns are taken up by the parents. As most of us look back, we release, childhood was the best phase. No responsibilities, besides, it is not even expected from you.

Then comes the beginning of “Being Responsible” era, which is college. After schooling, choosing an appropriate line of further education is one of the most important decisions one makes in life. It’s like marriage, marrying to a subject and field. Choosing the right field, means you are ensuring a long and lasting marriage with the same. Many of us begin our earning right form college. Part time jobs, part time teaching, online jobs, etc, options are any, but the worm of earning and making a living creeps in. This is the first stage that I have mentioned above.

The second stage is the longest and the phase that is the main arena of the working life. This is when you are a full time career oriented employee. Self employed or working with any firm, which ever, and this is the phase when we all begin a family, settle in life and most importantly, have to make a lot of other settlements like even saving for children’s schooling and college and other expenditures.

A proper planning during this phase is one of the key to the ease you will experience in the third phase, hat is the retirement phase. Different jobs and different countries have different retirement age. Making the best during the fruitful years of life and saving some of the fruit for future leaves little scope for tension.

Many make their retirement life safe by enrolling in pension schemes. Thus by the time they retire from job, there is a fixed income rolling into their bank per month to take care of all the expenditures.

There is another wise group who make a thoughtful retirement plan for themselves. It a project that they develop from the second phase so that the ground work is finished by the end of the second phase and the actual activity can begin from the third phase. Confusing? Let me explain.

We all know how many years more we have in hand before we retire. Being out of work one fine morning is a tough for many. Having been on a move for almost as long as 30 to 40years, it’s not easy to wake up one fine morning with nothing to look forward to and no task in hand. So, making a plan for your future is very important. For example if you are someone who has been associated with teaching, you can work on having a kinder garden, or a training class, for future. Thus, you can make all the prerequisites ready and begin when you are set free from you job, to take on with your passion. Plan your future to make retirement the most lively and enjoyable phase of your life.

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