Right Brain Thinkers Can Find Creativity in Physical Exhaustion – Let Me Explain!

Many people believe that those who are right brain thinkers are not as creative as those who are left brain thinkers. And yet, what if we turn off the right side of a right brained thinker for a few moments? All they’d have left at that point is the left side of their brain, the part of their brain which has been credited with creativity in humans.

Therefore, it makes sense that if a right brained thinker is physically exhausted and tired of thinking – they then began to use the other part of their brain, which is not very tired, the left side of their brain. Meaning that within this period of time they should have the ability to be more creative. So, one strategy a right brained thinker can use when they need to be more creative is to work out and become physically exhausted.

How do I know this works? Well, I’ve noted myself that as I become more and more tired, I am able to slip into the creative flow, and easily keep up with friends who are artists, innovators, and even poetic writers. Isn’t that interesting? Someone who is a right brained thinker, and does not practice creativity at the level of other left brain thinkers, can easily slip into that space?

Does this mean that a left brained creative person who is physically exhausted, all of a sudden becomes a more logical and analytical thinker? For that you will have to ask someone who is very creative, and see what they tell you, maybe you are a creative person and you’d like to try this out for yourself? Or perhaps you are a right brained thinker and wish you had the talent and creativity of some of your highly creative friends.

If so why not try this technique and see if it works for you. I hope you will please consider all this.

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