Safety Tips at Work – What You Must Know About Amazing CO2 Fire Extinguishers

Have you seen any office that is not equipped with electrical equipment? Probably not. Most offices and work areas rely heavily on the use of electrical appliances from computers, photocopy machines, paper shredders, and printers to air conditioning systems and other electrical machinery. Because of this, it is essential for every employer to ensure that there are CO2 fire extinguishers installed in the workplace to ensure safety and protection. CO2 extinguishers are the only ones recommended to tackle electrical fires. They are the only ones safe to use on and around electrical equipment because carbon dioxide is non-conductive and does not leave messy residue after. Get to know more about this wondrous piece of firefighting equipment by reading on.

How do you locate this extinguisher?

For one, you need to follow the direction where the extinguisher sign is pointing. These devices are usually located in accessible places like beside exit doors or fire hoses. It is also easy to distinguish the CO2 extinguisher because it is painted bright red and has a black-coloured panel above the operating instructions. It comes with a horn-shaped nozzle that is different from other types that have hose-like nozzles. Keep in mind too that this can be mounted either in a cabinet or on a wheeled trolley. The latter is better because the wheels make it is easier to transport.

What are the Uses of CO2 extinguishers?

This firefighting tool, which usually comes in two sizes such as 2kg and 5kg, is primarily designed to combat electrical fires. But aside from that, it can also be used for controlling Class B fires that is usually put out using a foam fire extinguisher. Class B is any fire that involves flammable liquids such as petrol, solvents, gasoline, kerosene, spirits, diesel, and oils (but not cooking oils). However, this should never be used on Class D that involves flammable metals because carbon dioxide reacts with most volatile metals and using this may only worsen the situation. It is also not advisable to use this on Class A fires (paper, wood, or cloth).

How does this device work?

This gas is stored under very high pressure inside the extinguisher until it becomes liquid. When you use this device and you squeeze the lever, you release carbon dioxide that expands into gas and cools the fire by replacing the oxygen that it needs to thrive. This process can cause ice to form on the horn so it is imperative that you never touch the nozzle to avoid freeze burns.

Whoever would say that fire extinguishers are all the same probably does not know a thing or two about fire safety. The fact is, this piece of safety equipment comes in different types and that knowing each type is crucial in putting out fires safely and effectively. In the workplace, it is essential to install the correct type depending on the nature of the business. It is also important to install a CO2 extinguisher since practically every workplace utilises electrical equipment.

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