Sales Management Effectiveness: How to Drive Improved Sales Today

All across the world sales teams are leaving money on the table, and they are oblivious to the potential.

Do they want to do this? Overtly no! Subconsciously, they do it anyway. Why do they do it? It’s because they get comfortable. They achieve a level of professional success and become too habitual in their sales efforts. While some of their efforts are good, some aren’t so good. It costs them sales, customers and commission. Too many sales managers allow this to happen. In fact, they enable it and seem unable to lead, train, coach or motivate their teams through it. Or, they wait too long to do anything differently or even better.

While consulting in New York, we noticed our client’s goal posted on the Sales Board. Their sales results over the last ten days were 67% of the goal. As we observed the manager, he continually acted like everything was on track and so did his sales team. The sales team was complacent and the sales manager condoned it. Guess what? Except for an occasional visit from the vice president and an exhortation to exceed the goal, it was business as usual. By that, I mean:

  • Coaching is completed
  • Sales contacts engaged
  • Training meetings held
  • Sales activity reports filled out
  • Contests announced
  • Business intelligence gathered
  • Goals discussed and results tracked

However, it was all done in the “same old, same old” way. We have noticed the same phenomena across the sales teams and industries. It doesn’t seem to matter if you are in B2B sales or consumer sales, high-tech or low tech with your products. We have identified an addictive malaise seemed to paralyze sales activity.

We had a contract with the company and were, luckily, there to help. We proceeded to meet the sales management team, discuss the challenges, renew a plan and coached them to put it into action. We did all of the above similarly and differently. The sales management engaged their teams with a new sense of urgency and energy. The sales results shot up immediately the next day and they had a record week and month. Why did this happen? The salespeople seem to become star performers almost over night. The bottom-line is that the sales management became better at what they were doing. Always, remember this adage, it will add pizzazz, excitement and success to your career, “if you want your team to be better, you have to be better as a leader.” This means as you change as a leader, doing the activities above, you can expect better sales results. How do you change? Become more consistent, add some energy to your mannerisms, focus on your team’s goals, attend a leadership training seminar, and improve your coaching skills. The key is to make this approach an ongoing way of doing business. All superstars have this commitment to continuous improvement. That’s how you drive more sales today.

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