Scenic Boating Tours in Mexico

Not only is it possible to receive a guided tour of Mexico from air and land, but Mexico’s seafaring excursions provide a glimpse into Mexico’s ever-changing natural state. Guided boat tours are designed to take travelers into hidden alcoves and inlets only accessible by boat and known by experienced guides. Depending on preference, sightseeing tours can be arranged on a private, chartered basis or as communal group excursions.

These daily tours are fairly inexpensive, as a family of four can take advantage of this half-day outing for under $100; depending on the current price of fuel. To accommodate all tourists, excursions are narrated in Spanish but English guides are available for an additional fee. If looking for a strictly English speaking guide, be sure to book your trip in a popular tourist destination. This way, locals are already very familiar with English speaking people and are prepared ahead of time for guided, English-only tours.

While there are no snacks provided in the cost of admission, if hunger approaches, snacks and beverages are available on most boats. Other expenses for these types of sightseeing tours depend on activities selected. Sometimes, opportunities for swimming and snorkeling arise. If interested, prices will generally be higher and include equipment rental and extended chartered time.

When visiting Mexico, many people are here to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Should solitude be on your agenda, $25 an hour will buy a chartered sightseeing boat. Guides charge by the hour and not the number of booked passengers. Itineraries for chartered boats can be tailored around a person’s schedule. On and off privileges may be permitted for underwater photography, snorkeling, beach combing and quiet family picnics.

If interested in reserving a Mexican sightseeing tour boat for yourself or looking to book a group excursion, be sure to visit local marinas or tourism offices for recommended and locally-endorsed vendors.

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