Scents by Jessica McClintock

Launched in 1987, Jessica McClintock’s namesake signature fragrance Jessica McClintock Perfume for Women is known for its subtlety and femininity. Designed by Roure Bertrand Dupont, its fragrance notes is a combination of lemon, basil, white rose, black currant, white jasmine, bergamot, musk and sandalwood. Its floral and casual scent is perfect for daily wear. And according to customer reviews, Jessica’s scent reminds them of the lily of the valley – feminine, sweet and lasting.

The fragrance line was presented to the market in 1988. The women’s fragrance carries a floral aroma, while the men’s fragrance is a more pronounced blend of floral and spice. Jessica McClintock expanded her fragrance line and now it includes New Victorian, Silk Ribbons, Gunne Sax, Scott McClintock and Jessica McClintock #3.

A teacher by profession, top designer Jessica McClintock started her company in 1969. When she arrived in California, she invested in a small boutique called Gunne Sax. In the beginning, she designed clothes under the Sax name. But later on, she created her own company under the Jessica McClintock brand. That investment grew and is now known as Jessica McClintock, Inc. She did not receive any formal training in design. She learned her tailoring skills from her seamstress grandmother who also taught her how to sew her own clothes.

Her designs are famous for its whimsical and playful appeal. McClinktock’s clothing label include evening gowns, junior dresses, infant apparel and bridal collections. She also expanded her line to include accessories, eye wear and home furnishings.

She earned numerous recognition and awards for her work. She was named Best California Designer in 1985 and was also awarded four DEBI (Design Elegance in the Bridal Industry) awards. Her company has over 40 locations worldwide with boutiques across the U.S. and in key districts in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

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