Scrapbooking Tips & Techniques: Create Adorable Tear Bears

How many of you love those adorable little tear bears you see on cards, tags, scrapbook layouts and other papercraft projects? Tear bears are not as complicated as most people think. It’s Easy as 1…2…3…


1. Use a pencil to draw out a simple pattern on a piece of mulberry paper (simple patters can be found in colouring books and paper piecing books or even on-line).

2. Use a very fine tipped paint brush which is slightly wet (not dripping) and trace the pencil line, then tear where the thin wet line is around each piece and set aside each piece to dry. The tearing along the thin wet lines will cause the mulberry paper to become fuzzy, but that is alright because you will want your bear fuzzy (you can make a tear puppy, elephant, frog etc…, the tear bear technique can be applied to most other simple paper piecing projects).

3. After each piece is dry, use small amounts of adhesive to put your tear bear or tear critter together.


1. Use pop dots for the nose, paws and ears to create a special effect.

2. Use chalk in the ears and on the cheeks.

3. Instead of fussing with a tiny little white centers for the eyes, use a quality white gel pen instead.

4. The thicker the paper, the fuzzier the bear- try other variations of hand made paper.

5. For a really cute tear bear, it’s all about the ‘details’. Add a little bow or flower at the top of it’s head, maybe make a pair of paper overall’s or even a baseball cap or bonnet. The skies the limit with your creation!

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