Self Defense Techniques for Street Fighting

Self defense techniques can take many years to practise. Having studied traditional martial arts for many years I have learned some incredible techniques. But which self defense techniques would I use in a street fight?

There’s an argument that knowing any moves is better than nothing at all if faced with an attacker. However, rather than spending years training and practising it is possible to pick up some very direct and simple ways of dealing with a violent encounter. I call these street self defence moves. Some would even call them dirty fighting moves!

Training in a martial art like aikido or judo is a fantastic thing to do and if there is a club in your area I would encourage you to do so. Alternatively, karate or a more modern system like Choi Kwang Do may be best for you. I would encourage you to visit all local clubs, talk to the instructors and watch some classes to see which might be best for you personally. But would these martial arts actually work in a street fight?

Real self defense starts with awareness. You should constantly be aware of where you are, what’s going on around you and what situations may arise. This isn’t to suggest you should live in fear and panic! It’s simply about being sensible and knowing what’s going on. For example, would it be sensible for a woman on her own to go to a part of a city she didn’t know and arrange to meet someone she’d only met once before in a bar? For me this would require a very high state of awareness!

Imagine you park your car late at night in a dark street. You see a short cut down and alleyway you think will take you where you want to go? Again, a very high state of awareness would be required if you did want to risk this situation.

Knowing how you react under pressure or potential threat of violence is another key element of real self defense. Fortunately, most of us will face such situations very rarely. But when we do we need to understand how our body will react and how we can keep control to deal with whatever happens.

Should there be no other course of action left other than to fight to defend ourselves it’s best to use simple, direct self defense self techniques. Fancy high kicks and martial arts flourishes are just for the movies! For example, a distracting strike to the face will buy you time to get away or take other action. Fighting should always be the last resort and talking always comes first. But in some situations – particularly when alcohol or other drugs are involved – physical action may be the only answer for self protection.

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