Self-Empowerment – Stepping Stones to Creating Your Life

As a creative person looking for some sort of creative activity that didn’t require a lot of preparation, space or equipment I stumbled onto making collages. This is a creative activity that can be done virtually anywhere.

My other passion in life besides being creative is to help teach people to empower themselves and create the lives they dream of having.

When combining my creative collage making with empowering strategies it hit me that vision boards are the perfect combination of both creativity and empowerment.

A vision board sounds like some really impressive creation, but in reality a vision board is a more like a roadmap map for what you want and who you want in your life. Think of creating the life you want for yourself to be like embarking on a journey from New York to San Francisco. You’ll need a map that tells you where to turn which highways to take and how far to go or else you may never make it to your destination. The same is true for your life, you need to know step-by-step which turns and exits to take to get to where you want to be.

Using a vision board to see the goals you’ve set, the big dreams and inspiring thoughts that you need to get there helps you visualize each step of your journey. Creating a vision board isn’t a logical process. You have to let your deeper inner self wander and see what you really want and how to make it happen. Listen to your heart, indulge your soul and find what is really inspiring and important to you. Every image and addition you make to the vision board should be inspiring to you. You won’t doubt when you find what inspires you, your mind, heart and soul will just seem to “click” like gears engaging. You will feel when you find your inspiration.

The hard part of creating a vision board is to keep your mind out of it. Stop looking for explanations or reasons why each particular piece is inspiring to you. A vision board is more of a spiritual and metaphysical sort of creative and goal reaching endeavor. Just believe in it and try it. You do not have to figure out how to get there, things will happen, serendipity, which will let you know the next step to take, but you must get the action started.

Let’s suppose you want to be in certain career, you might meet someone who is connected in this field who will give you advice or connect you to someone. If you want to be fit and healthy you might start an exercise program and change your diet. Your vision board will help to bring about the changes you need to achieve your goals, but of course the first step is deciding what you want.

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