Setting Up a Textbook Hire Scheme in Your Subject Department

Once a high school has decided to set up a textbook hire scheme, it falls to the head of each subject department to plan what they need to organise to get the scheme underway within their department.

Before you order your textbooks, you need to know the number of students in your cohort. Then you have to add a percentage more to the cover of lost and damaged books as well as books for new students enrolling in your school during the school year.

Then you may order your textbooks. To ensure a longer life for each textbook, they should have their covers encased in plastic. Insist that your bookseller arranges for this to happen before the books are delivered. Insist on a delivery date late the year before you will begin to use these textbooks.

The next step is to number each book and attach a school or department stamp to show the school’s ownership of the book.

You need to create a pro forma which listed the students’ name, his/her form class, and the name of his/her subject teacher. This is glued to the inside back cover of the textbook. Students can be given the task of gluing in this pro forma for the new textbooks. Initially, at my school, we had an ink stamp we used with the above data. Its image was placed on the inside back cover as well. It lasted only a few years and had to be replaced with a glued in paper version.

The textbook pro forma will contain a table with columns that record the following:

  • the book number;
  • the name of the student;
  • their form/roll marking class;
  • their maths teacher;
  • date issued; and
  • the condition of the book.

You will want a secure storage room with cupboards for the books to be housed during the end of the school year annual holidays. This room could be used to repair books, when necessary. So store material to repair books, here as well.

As head of department, you need to put together a statement regarding the responsibility of students to look after the textbook. This should include a procedure for the student when a book is lost or damaged. Books, lost or damaged, could incur a replacement cost. Classroom teachers would go through this document with their classes.

Now, you would be ready to hand out the textbooks to your students.

Source by Richard D Boyce

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