Seven Steps to a Richer and Less Expensive Green Vacation

You too can have a richer travel experience that is less expensive by following these seven tips during your next vacation.

Step 1 – Book travel suppliers that respect the environment. Check out travel supplier web sites and travel with green friendly airlines, hotels and tour operators. Tip – some travel companies offer Voluntourism where you can assist the local population and add meaning to your vacation.

Step 2 – Use public transportation. Choose energy efficient public transportation such as buses and trains. Its generally less expensive and you get to meet the local people. If that is not your thing consider a walking tour of the destination you are visiting. A walk of a medieval European city can be the best way to see its major attractions are they are generally centrally located. Tip – consider a bicycle or hiking vacation.

Step 3 – Stay with hotel companies, bed and breakfasts, farms. Smaller local hotels reflect the flavor of the destination you are visiting, they are more likely to purchase goods and services from nearby suppliers. When you leave your room to go sightseeing remember to turn out the lights and reuse your towels. Many hotels offer a program where towels are not sent to the laundry after one use. Tip – centrally located hotels can cut down on your travel expenses and give you a base to explore.

If taking a cruise review the cruise lines policies regarding garbage disposal at sea. As a passenger you should not throw anything overboard yourself.

Step 4 – Enjoy the local cuisine. One of the major reasons you are traveling anyway is to enjoy local or regional dishes, with ingredients from nearby farms, vineyards and breweries. Tip – well yes, I always enjoy the local wine and beer but this is not a tip as you already knew that.

Step 5 – Go sightseeing on your two feet. Walking tours can be a great way to see the major attractions in most destinations. If you must go further afield consider public transit such as buses, trains or subway. Never throw litter on the ground, if you cannot find a garbage can carry it with you. Take care when visiting historical sites not to cause any damage and about using flash photography where not permitted. Tip – while sightseeing take a refillable water bottle.

Step 6 – Do not carry a library with you. If visiting the local tourist office for advice limit the brochures you pick up as you most likely only need a walking tour route map. Tip – if you do some research on the internet before leaving North America and make a few notes you can sightsee more efficiently by arriving at major attractions when they open and before all the tourist buses arrive.

Step 7 – Select your souvenirs with care. Cut out the cheap products that were most likely not made in that country anyway, avoid animal hides, horns, ivory and cultural items from the country you are visiting. Tip – the best souvenir can be digital pictures self published into a souvenir book to retain your fond trip memories. Never use disposal cameras or cameras with film as they create extra waste.

Follow these green travel steps and you will have a more enjoyable vacation as well.

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