Small House Plans – Affordable Home Ownership

Don’t let the economy hold you back. Every cycle comes full circle. Home building activity and values will rebound. Do you want to wait until that time or are you eager to make things happen?

You Could Build Now

I believe that now is a good time to take advantage of lower materials prices, low cost financing, and cheaper labor. If you really want to make that home building dream come true, there may not be a time like this for many, many years to come. And if you really want to do it as cheaply as possible, start with a small and simple house plan.

What to Look for in a Small House Plan

Size matters. Smaller homes are less expensive to build, maintain, heat or cool, and repair. And, they are easier on the environment … especially if you make it energy efficient and use products that are manufactured according to earth friendly standards.

To achieve the maximum affordability, pick a design with a simple foundation and roofline. These will take less time, fewer materials, and reduced labor to build. Also, it’s generally less expensive to build “up”, rather than “out”, so a second story will typically cost less than if you had to add more foundation and roofline to get your needed space.

Building a Small Home

I’ll start with one caution. Never build a home that is not sufficient to your needs. Don’t build a home that you’ll be cramped and uncomfortable in. That defeats the purpose of building.

That being said, small homes offer many advantages to the homeowner and the owner builder. And, if the small size and smaller budget make home building possible for you, all the better!

Top Small House Building Advantages

  • Cheap to Build: One of the reasons it’s cheaper is because it’s much less complicated
  • Quick to Build: A big reason for being cheaper is that they are quicker to build.
  • Buy plans cheaply or hire an architect for a smaller fee: Consider house plans that have already been built and tested. This will preclude most problems.
  • Small home building favors the do-it-yourselfer: Your own labor with the help of friends and lower-cost professionals can save big.

House plans that have been built many times have often been refined to work out the construction bugs. Using this approach is wise, especially when working with a kit home company and building a packaged home.

The Joy of Using a Home Building Coach

My clients know that the home building coach is indispensable. Small home or big, the homebuilding process is complicated. Detailed organization and knowledge of the building process are crucial to a great experience. And, I believe that home building should be a great experience that is enjoyed to the fullest.

A home building coach can help with choosing plans, selecting building materials, working with designers and builders, and orchestrating your project.

Work with a home building coach and save money, get more of what you want, and keep the stress to a minimum.

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