Smart Ways to Market Startup Businesses Online and Offline


Every day, millions of people surf the web in their free time. Majority spend their time on social media networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, while others just browse online for products or ideas and information. With a number like this, there is a huge market stretching across the globe which if you can successfully tap into, could mean infinite possibilities for your business.


There are a lot of free hosting sites around where you can put up your company website. But for a more professional feel, purchase your own domain and choose a catchy name that is easy to remember. People, in general, have short attention spans when it comes to reading things online so if you have a long complicated domain name, there is a tendency they might forget it. Punchy names, on the other hand, will stick in their minds even if they only have seen it or heard it once. Make sure your website name ties up with your company name if you don’t use the same for both. If you’re having trouble picking a company or domain name, head over to for some help.


These days, creating a website isn’t enough. You have to create a Facebook page and share it with potential customers. Get them to like and share your page so they can receive updates about news on products and services you are offering. Ask friends to like and share your page so that their friends can share it, too. Your Facebook page can lead people to the actual company website, thereby generating more traffic and increasing sales.


In internet marketing, sometimes, less is more especially when it comes to tweets. Here you can be as creative as you want using the limited characters available in a single tweet. Short, sweet, simple and straight to the point slogans is yours for the taking. Catchy and noteworthy tweets will be retweeted by fans and when you gain more followers, they too can multiply your fanbase when they repost tweets. Make sure to link your Twitter to your Facebook page so that it will be updated every time you tweet.

MyLife online platform


Some people might prefer using other networking sites other than My life. But what they don’t know is that it acts as an online platform where you can manage all your other social networking sites and even emails on a single dashboard. It is less of a hassle compared to opening various social media accounts on different tabs. You can even visit MyLife’s zip code directory and use it to find business contacts or potential customers near your area, or if you’re planning an expansion, across different states.


Although internet marketing is more cost-effective these days, a little-printed media still helps in marketing your startup business.

Business Cards

Business cards are essential especially when it comes to meeting new clients. It helps establish professional ties and saves you from looking for that errant piece of paper and pen so you could write down your contact details. Your business card should include your name, company website, mobile number, email and office address if you have one. It should be printed in the easy-to-read font in just the right size.

PR marketing

Press Release

Many believe that the newspaper and other printed media are a dying medium. But there are still those who prefer to hold a real newspaper instead of the electronic one. Press releases are a great way to make your business known to the local community in your area. You can also post your press release on your website after it has been published. If you have a friend working in your local newspaper, perhaps he would like to interview you regarding your new business.

It would be like hitting two birds with one stone since he will get his article and at the same time, you get to advertise your business. Aside from the online marketing and traditional way of advertising, a great way to win over customers is to deliver as promised what is mentioned in your promotional ads. Delivering customer satisfaction means more chances of clients returning. Word-of-mouth referrals online also spread like wildfire so continue delivering great services or products and your company will gradually take off and become a success.

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