So What Is The Relationship Between Goal Setting And Networking? A Lot!

True success in anything you are trying to accomplish is to first of all set goals. Understand where you want to go. What you want to achieve. The “relationship between goal setting and networking” is no different.

Goals in networking can vary but should always relate back to your business. ALWAYS!!

Here’s what I know…many people set goals that really have nothing to do with their business. It’s not about getting my office together. The “relationship between goal setting and networking” must be easy to identify and quantifiable.

Here’s some areas you can focus on –

1. Schedule time to conduct your business.

2. Quantify the amount of prospects you will approach

3. Quantify the amount of people you will train

4. Identify time to do personal development – it’s a must to achieve a great “relationship between goal setting and networking”

etc. And write these goals down in daily plans and weekly plans and monthly plans.

And this is the real key…WRITE down the goals. WRITE them down….I repeat…WRITE down your goals. And when you do that Your “relationship between goal setting and networking” gets even stronger. Why? I don;t know…it just does and has for decades for people that have done that. And I can tell you this…of all the successful people I know in the networking industry…all of them without exception have goals and have written them down.

So what is the “Relationship Between Goal Setting and Networking”? The Same Thing as Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce!! A perfect match!

Here’s to your success!

Rivers Corbett

Co-Founder MLM Outlaws

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