Socialism Only Viable in Small Societies and Villages With Homogeneous Populations

Not all, but a good number of Democrats in the US are really socialists, especially in their thinking. Although most deny it because “socialism” has been a bad word ever since Hitler and Mussolini rose to power and caused WWII – still, these Democrats are practicing socialism and their political leaders have put forth a number of policies and passed many laws which shed some light on their true intentions.

Can socialism work in the United States?

Socialism can work in the United States in the short-term, but realize we are now practicing socialism in our nation in many regards and the time is almost up. Just look at the national debt, the class-war politics, backlash against the unions, and emergence of the Tea Party here – socialism is a goner, and I say good riddance.

Can socialism ever work?

Sure, it can work in a small homogeneous population, which is all on the same page – same religion, same values, same culture, and a small population – provided everything stays that way.

A small village or a small nation-state Banana or Oil Republic could run as a socialist country, but only as long as the income from the production is maintained. In other words, as long as they don’t run out of bananas or oil to sell, and as long as there is a buyer elsewhere providing the massive inflows of money or traded goods which are needed.

Socialism most likely would work best in a small village where everyone is the same, with the same wants and desires, and a strong leadership to keep everyone in line.

Personally, it’s nowhere I’d care to live, but to each his own. There have been some northern European nations that have done okay under socialism, but they are failing now due to the influx of immigrants, and overbearing legacy costs that they promised their retirees. All of these nations will fail, and the more immigrants they allow into their society of a different culture the faster they will fall.

Many of these nations believe that if they bring in new immigrants to become their new labor force, that there will be more people paying into the system to afford the pensions of all the retirees. That’s not going to happen because as the new immigrants begin to see that they don’t really have to work that hard to collect government benefits, they too will learn those bad habits.

That’s what’s happening now. Should anyone be surprised?

No, not really because socialism doesn’t work, and it certainly won’t work long-term unless perhaps the socialist group is nothing more than a small village or society with a homogeneous population, one which is small enough to take care of their elders and sick as they would family, which makes perfect sense in a village because everyone is already related to each other. Thus, it is one big happy family. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

What do you think?

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