Some Facts About Besancon City in France

 Besancon is the capital and prime city of the Franche-Comte region and it is located in eastern France. This town is situated at the borders of Switzerland. Besancon is situated on the banks of river Doubs in the north-eastern part of France. This town is actually naturally developed in the meanders which are made by the river Doubs. It has an inner diameter of almost 1km and flat inner loops of about 250m. It is also bounded by hill called Mont Saint-Etienne in its south. It is also surrounded by six other hill ranges.


The climate of Besancon is highly affected by oceanic as well as continental climate. Oceanic climate causes the precipitations in high quantity as much as the frequency and continental climate is mainly responsible for the snow and frost.


Besancon is located at the crossings of two major railway lines which connect this town to rest of the France. It follows the NE-SW route, followed by the valley of the river Doubs, linking Germany and North Europe. Due to its important position the Germany-Spain route, it has several direct high-speed trains which connect Paris, Charles de Gaulle Airport, and Lille. It does not have any domestic airport due its its small size but have two international airports which can be reached in the matter of two hours.

Ginko is the name of the bus company that operates in that city and is mainly responsible for the local urban transport.


The city of Besancon is known for its watches all over the world. The city is also a hub to various micro technological activities. It is a host of biannual Micro technology trade fair in the city. It is Europe’s one of the most significant event in the field of Micro technologies.

You can visit to this special city in France any time of year. From London, it is preferred to take Eurostar train to Paris first and then use local trains to reach here.

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