Southern Arkansas University Main Campus

Campus Features

With a heterogeneous student population of over 3,100 the campus consists of the college of Business, College of Education, College of liberal and Performing Arts, College of Science and Technology, and School of Graduate Studies.

Brief History

Formerly known as the Third District Agricultural School and founded in 1909, the university serves as a public 4 year institution. Two years of college work was added to its curriculum in 1925 after authorization by the State Legislature and its nomenclature was changed to Agricultural and Mechanical College, Third District. Subsequently a number of institutes and colleges joined the campus, notable being the East Hall that is the site of Residential College.

Programs Offered

While the campus offers over seventy various disciplines and majors for the students, business both commerce and general, nursing, early childhood education and teaching, general studies, criminal justice and safety studies are the most popular of the lot. Facilities for online education are one of the attractive features of the campus.


Multiple counseling facilities are offered by the campus. These include the abuse counseling, career counseling, and student services for economically disadvantages, employment, financial aid services, personal counseling, veteran’s counselor, women services, and placement counseling programs.


One of the institutes that do not ignore the transfer students, regular application in the campus is due by the 30 th of August. For due dates and process of admission one might visit the website of the campus. Similarly, all financial aid applications are required to be submitted by 1 st July.


Early morning classes, extensive undergraduate evening classes, learning centers, reduced course loads, remedial instructions, with tutoring and writing centers feature the campus academics. With a cross registration, the university also offers distance learning and online degree. Double major, dual enrollment of high school students, honors programs, internships, teacher certifications, and independent study are the main facilities offered in the campus.

Financial Aid

Under the student financial aid programs, the Southern Arkansas Main Campus provides Federal grant aid, State and local grant aid, institutional grant aid, and student loan aid. While nearly 95% of the students in the campus enjoy some financial aids or others, majority of them around 63% avail the institutional grant aid. For details, one can log on to their website.

Source by Michael Mize Russell

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