Stopping a Cold Call From Losing Steam Sales Techniques

Its common for a cold call that is seemingly going well to suddenly stop midway. Your prospect raises an objection. You start thinking of losing the sale, panicking, and end up shifting back to old traditional sales techniques. You start thinking that if you’re persistent, you won’t drop the ball and you’ll be able to make the sale.

Old traditional cold calling mindsets urge us to keep pushing. We try to feed them more information, hoping it’ll seal the deal. Obviously, we’ve already decided for them that they are going to give us a positive response towards a sale, which makes us bypass any concerns they might try to raise.

In the new mindset, we try to steer clear from sales pressure as much as we can. This sales technique requires you to understand whether the objections your prospect is raising are legitimate issues you can tackle, or just negative responses due to sales pressure.

This enables you to figure out the best way to respond to a potential client’s objections. It’s also important to be able to differentiate.

Old cold calling approaches don’t differentiate between genuine concerns versus resistance.

If it’s a legitimate concern over the product or service, which means they’re interested in it and would like to learn more, or if it’s resistance, because then you would have to change their mindset about your call by rethinking your approach.

If they’re resisting your approach, it means you’ve triggered sales pressure somehow. The sales technique here is to consider how this pressure has been introduced, or how we can assure them that our concern is only on their problems and how we may solve them.

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