Surviving an Emotional Affair – Keys to Keep Your Marriage Together

Have you just been through a rough patch in your marriage? If you are surviving an emotional affair and need some extra help then this article should shed some light on why they happen, and a few tips on how you can recover & thrive again. I’m really sorry that you are going through such a tough spot – but hang on tight because things can, and do, get better!

Why Do Emotional Affairs Happen? Understanding Them

The first step to surviving an emotional affair is truly understanding why they happen in the first place. Surviving an emotional affair is really all about finding the “gaps” or “holes” in the relationship, and fixing them. Fighting symptoms will not help, and if you do leave the symptoms alive, the core problem stays and will persist to cause future problems in your marriage.

Why Men Have Affairs

Men and women have emotional affairs for different reasons, although there are some definite similarities between the two of them. Men have emotional affairs primarily because they are missing something in their relationship – and that thing is admiration. You see, early on in a marriage or any romantic relationship, the woman will shower her man with all sorts of admiration. Whether it’s how she talks to him, how she touches him or treats him, and/or how she just lets him know that she admires him, he gets it. As time passes by these signs begin to diminish, and he will have “gap” in himself which really makes him “easy game” for other women.

Why Women Have Affairs

Women, on the other hand, have emotional affairs when they stop feeling appreciated. This is usually because the man in the relationship “takes her for granted” and doesn’t appreciate the little things she does. For the same reason (the relationship fizzling out,) the appreciation will halt. The man has already “won the princess,” so he doesn’t need to shower her with appreciation anymore.

These Are The Core Problems – How Do You Fix It?

Usually, in 90% of the cases, these two above core reasons are why all sorts of affairs happen. However, there is another problem that probably arose which made it even harder to talk about it, and that’s communication. When you can’t communicate well it becomes VERY easy for the man or woman to meet a “friend” who “really gets her,” or “really gets him,” and will be sucked into an emotional affair extremely quickly. They show appreciation, admiration, and things are very “fresh” – and that’s the beginning of an emotional affair.

Healing From An Emotional Affair & Moving On Is All About Admiring & Appreciating. Finding Ways to Do That is Key.

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