Taking Charge of Your Credit and Finances #14 – Budgeting Advice

As adults we tend to give advice more than we take it, but we can help ourselves by listening to some good advice, especially when it comes to budgeting. Many people think of budgeting the way they do a diet, they think it’s a way to fix their problem and they can go back to their old routine once they’ve fixed it. Well most doctors will tell you that you are never on a diet, you have a diet. If you constantly eat junk food then that is your diet. The only way to be healthy is if you change your current one to a healthy one. Well if you constantly waste money and are struggling to may the bills each month even though you do make enough money then you have a bad budget and you need to change it quickly.

First off you need to look at what you are spending money on and the best ways to change that problem. Look at your monthly bills like; car and health insurance, television, internet, telephone, cell phone and others. These are all expenses that you have agreed to with a provider. Well you need to call up your provider and see if they will offer you a better deal or something that will give you more bang for your buck. Also investigate their competitors and see what they have to offer. This may only lower some bills by a little bit, but it’s a good start. Remember $100 a month in savings is $1,200 a year.

A great way to save money and help a budget out is to have a strong credit score. Your score impacts why you pay on your insurance bills as well as other things like loans and financing. If you have done any damage to it and you need to fix it fast you can do that with credit repair. Credit repair is great because it will fix the damage done to a score caused by anything and it will do so in a matter of weeks.

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