Team Empowerment – Better Than Individual Work

The decision to participate in an event in Miami, independently of each other, was what made us connect. The decision and the commitment made in December, four months before. I had no money for such a trip. What would the family and relatives say when I took the step into the unknown? When the hour came, everything was solved economically and I went on a trip I never regretted and felt a stay eternal.

I was aiming on a wealth conference in Miami, where I were to spend four days to get the truth behind the money, how can I get them to grow, protect them and minimize the loans and debts. The U.S. hosting was no surprise, given their economic situation, where millions of people are expected to leave their houses this year. I felt really psyched to rub shoulders with the rich and learn how they think and what makes them leaders in their lives. Little did I know that the days before would have more impact than life itself.

The Swedish group of seven people would go through fire and water to find their strengths. We rented two typical American car, a Mustang convertible and a large GMC. Freedom feeling could be experienced, although pale northerners were exposed to massive radiation in the cab. In the middle of the night, we immediately found hotel room in Miami, and after about forty bridges, the day after, through alligator-filled swamp, we came to Key West. The first hotel gave us three rooms at bargain prices. Everything was on rails, and everything was unplanned! What was the purpose of these days before the conference? Look at the sights, I thought. What really happened was that we welded us together into a team with a clear strategy, a goal to help as many people as possible and above all help each other find our source. My very being.

The whole thing took almost biblical proportions and a sense that there were more around us who wanted to show us the path. We trained to let go of money. Money is just made up and are only created to enhance our ego. Fiat-money. We competed to take the checks! It was great to relax in the ratio of money. I also learned the experience of giving. That action gives back multiple.

I have worked in groups before, ever since the school when it was considered cheating to help each other. Team sports and various groups in the workplace has had the opposite effect, rather than merging. Now I understand the mechanisms of team building. Team building starts with yourself. Think with your heart, loose the limitations and boundless generosity.

I got rid of many fears in Key West. The fear of money and being poor and not able to leave a legacy to future generations. I braved the dangers in the form of running the watercraft and snorkel among the reefs. We laughed and cried oceans. When we went to Boca Raton for wealth-conference, we were ready and done. We went in as a team and made an impression among the others and made the prints to show dedication. Somewhere over Greenland, on the way home, was drawn up the structure of how people will find us and get a chance to make a change.

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