The 3 Biggest Myths About Korean Girlfriends And How You Can Avoid Them

Korea has one of the most homogeneous cultures of the world. The Korean people are also open to inter-national or inter-racial relationships unless they are approached in the right manner. Since approaching in the right manner is so important, you should clear your mind about misconceptions and myths surrounding Korean women. Unless you can clear your mind, you don’t stand a better chance of approaching a Korean girl and winning her heart. Therefore, in order to help your way into the mysterious heart of a Korean woman, here are 3 biggest myths about Korean girlfriends and info on how you should avoid them.

• There is nobody called a TKC (Typically Korean Crazy) girl.

A TKC is totally a myth. Korean women are gentle and polite as they are taught by their parents to be so from their childhood. In fact, the social structure in Korea also deeply values respect to elders in the family and modesty and humility to other members. If you are looking for a TKC girl, you are looking for the wrong Korean person, because TKC is a myth fostered by the disrespectful and the rash. Korean women love to be discreet in the matter of feelings of heart, therefore you have to proceed according to the Korean rulebook of modesty and humility. Korean girls often engage in inter racial relationship with foreigners, but there are certain conditions that should be met by the foreigner in order to impress the Korean lady. For example, the foreigner should be aware of the body language of him in front of the Korean woman. The body language customs should be according to Korean traditions, like bowing while greeting and avoiding any physical contact like a handshake or a kiss while greeting a Korean woman.

• Korean girls are materialistic

Korean girls have a great sense of fashion but they are as materialistic as any other girl in the world. Though her heart may crave for a Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dior or Chanel, yet that is only natural for women with such dignified sense of fashion. This sense of being fashionable is different from being materialistic and if anybody says every Korean girl has a materialistic beast within her, he or she is definitely trying to underestimate the fashion sense of the Korean woman.

• Korean girls love to live a crazy lifestyle

Korean women live as much a crazy lifestyle as any other cosmopolitan girl in the world. The Korean family structure is very well founded and every Korean name includes the family name first and then the individual’s two part given name. Korean women grow up while respecting family traditions and they always know how to balance between a crazy cosmopolitan lifestyle and a traditional approach to life.

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