The Annoyances of Airline Travel

Whether you’re planning a vacation, a visit, or a business trip, you’ll have to do one of the worst things you’ll ever experience…you’ll have to travel by plane.

When planes were first engineered and put to use commercially, flying was the most exciting thing ever. People took to the skies never guessing that future of powered flight.

Since then, airplanes have become more advanced, but they have also grown more cramped, the services offered onboard have dwindled, and more and more fees and restrictions have been put into place.

On September 11th, 2001, the world of airplane travel literally came to a crashing halt. Since that horrible day, the United States and other well traveled countries have begun taking precautions that increase airline safety, but they also increase passenger and traveler annoyance and discomfort. If you want to make it to your villas Bali without ending up in an airport holding cell, you should read further and prepare yourself.

Loss of Privacy

You may be looking forward to your vacation and your villas Bali, but before you can enjoy the privacy afforded by your private rental villa, you need to undergo some procedures you once considered seriously intrusive.

Where there used to just be metal detectors there are now, radiation scanners, hand held metal/radiation detectors, full body scanning machines, and even full body searches which requires the traveler to disrobe behind a thin screen.

While your luggage, pockets, and body are being searched, you can think longingly on your villas Bali and how all the stress will melt away with a full body massage.

Snarling Travel Delays

Because of the increased gate security, the lines get longer, the waits get longer, and flights get delayed. Not only are people and searches the cause for travel delays, but uninspected planes are pulled from the tarmac at the last moment for repair and upgrade leaving travelers in a lurch.

While you’re sitting in a stuffy airport waiting to hear something, anything on how much longer you’ll have to wait, you can think about your villas Bali and how you can take your time doing whatever you want and no one can rush you.

Unnecessary Fees

Sadly, the state of airline travel also has morphed into a more expensive endeavor. Now, in order to save money they have pulled many traditional airline services, such as: in-flight meals and free carry-on luggage.

Now they have tacked on additional fees in addition to the already high prices you pay for the ticket. With many airlines you have to pay a per bag fee (including carry on), a cancellation fee, a date/time transfer fee, a carried infant fee, and many times the ticket itself carries fees for printing, handling, credit card charges, phone fees, online convenience fees, and more. By the time you’re done paying the airline fees to travel to Bali, you’re fortunate to have enough money to pay for renting the villas Bali is so famous for.

With all the hassles, fees, delays, and embarrassing searches, you might want to just enjoy a stay-cation, but Bali is calling and no matter how annoying the travel experience may be, by the time you settle into your villas, Bali will have swept you off your feet and into bliss.

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