The Biology of Empowerment by Lee Pulos, Ph D

How do we know the things we know? Is it as simple as the brain holding memories that we access like a database file? Scientists have struggled to understand the origins and mechanics of human memory for decades, mainly because we may be able to unlock potent tools for shaping our individual futures.

Scientists often refer to the theory of “cellular memory” – the storing of information and memories in individual cells of the body as well as the brain – and use the theory to uncover repressed memories. Finding out where we’ve been elucidates our future and at the very least, offers explanations for behaviors, patterns, and routines we may be interested in changing.

Lee Pulos, PhD, takes the theory of cellular memory a step further in his program, The Biology of Empowerment. This interactive audio and self-help program offers users the tools to understand the scientific aspects of cellular memory, and the down-to-earth reasons why you absolutely must have this understanding before affecting positive change in your life. Without healing your memories and eradicating your unwanted behaviors at the cellular level, you are doomed to continually recreate your situation, no matter how hard you try!

The unlikely cult hit, “What the BLEEP Do We Know?” explored this link between quantum physics and emotion. As the main character, a deaf wedding photographer, struggles with her own existential roadblocks to development (depression, poor relationships, ever increasing anxiety), she begins to understand that her poor choices are influenced by malignant cellular memory, and vice versa. After hearing from some scientists about the power of observation – and the effect that positive emotions have on cells – she determines to break her cycle of misery by simply observing herself at critical points and making conscious, meditative choices to improve both her cellular makeup and her mood. In the movie, this process results in a happy ending.

The Biology of Empowerment, as described by Lee Pulos, PhD, continues this theory and further defines the tools needed to observe and affect cellular memory. In fact, the Biology of Empowerment uses groundbreaking research in quantum physics and physiology to identify your core beliefs, your major obstacles, and the keys to your future success. The Biology of Empowerment is a system meant to tune in to the wisdom of the body and unlock its potential.

Before designing the Biology of Empowerment system, Lee Pulos, PhD, substantiated his theories on existential healing and physio-cultural tools for success through years of research and personal application. It is now available to the public; so that we can all benefit from the innate power we all possess to significantly change our circumstances. Now, you can learn how to program your entire self – your waking mind, your “unconscious” mind, and your spirit – to achieve any external outcome you desire. With some focus and dedicated attention – and advice from Lee Pulos – you can attain the skills you’ve been seeking and become more self-aware, consistent in your habits and beliefs, and create the great life you’ve always wanted!

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