The Cancer Crime Committed by Doctors

Read this carefully if you’re the kind of person that thinks “alternative medicine” is quackery and there’s really no conspiracy to squelch it.

Italian doctor, Giuseppe Nacci will not be allowed to practice medicine for 4 months. Responding to the “order of doctors,” the equivalent of our AMA, he said, “The Order of Doctors does not accept my course of treatment.”

This is the disciplinary sanction decided on by the “Order of Doctors of Trieste” against doctor Giuseppe Nacci. The sanction was signed by outgoing president Mauro Melato. The decision was taken by the Commissione Centrale per gli Esercenti e le Professioni Sanitarie (Central Commission for Tradespeople and Health Professions) in Rome.

The Order of Doctors disputes his “non-conventional” medical treatments, which they consider “incorrect.” (Which simply means, “not approved by them.”

Dr. Nacci maintains that “he treats cancers by stimulating the immune response, thus avoiding chemotherapy”. His metabolic therapy uses vitamins and makes patients follow a correct diet. Proposing this kind of therapy, Dr. Nacci wrote “Thousand Plants against Cancer without Chemo-Therapy.”

He published on several American Web sites, like the National Health Federation. Dr. Nacci also published the book “Diventa Medico di Te Stesso” (“Become your own doctor”), receiving some prizes and awards in recognition of his literary activity. The official award took place in the Council Hall in November 2007, but was criticized by the “Order of Doctors,” which informed the then Minister of Health, Livia Turco.

But he doesn’t give in. “I’m worried about the patients I’m treating. What will happen to them now?”

He sent a letter to all his patients in order to inform them: “Because of the sanction imposed, I am forced to leave you”. The letter sent to the patients is also accompanied by the sentence of the Italian Supreme Court, regarding the principle of doctors’ freedom in choosing the medical treatment.

The almost 40 patients Dr. Nacci is referring to, include two patients suffering from brain tumor, ten from breast cancer, three from lung cancer.

The Order of Doctors of Trieste, who does not want to issue any comment, but only confirms that the doctor was suspended, as shown by the decision notification sent to all relevant institutions.

Dr. Nacci is one of too few good doctors who refuse to perpetuate the lies of the “medical establishment.”

It’s the way of this world to call what is “good,” “evil” and what is “evil” “good.”

The people that have received all the accolades for medical achievements are those who “comply” with the big pharmaceutical and medical machinery. Those who have actually found proven ways, are deprecatingly mislabeled “alternative medicine,” doctors or scientists.

But for those who have used and benefited from the “alternative medicine” knowledge, regaining their lives back from the “jaws of death,” are forever grateful for the giants who have stood against the heartlessness, greed and lies of modern medicine.

Dr. Cassie, Dr. Rife, Dr. Hulda Clark and many others are the true heroes of “modern medicine.” The persecution of these dear and caring people is only rivaled by the outright murder to silence those who speak out against any injustice.

The lies continue to be perpetrated on the world and the American public because the propaganda and “blinding ignorance” of people is so widespread.

Maintaining the medical untruth, that they, and they alone have the best way and the only effective way to handle any health issue. Not to mention, the huge ongoing campaign to ridicule and mock, any alternative treatment for disease or health issues, as “ineffective” and a waste of time.

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