The Danish Prophet of an Alternative Religion – Martinus Thomsen

Martinus Thomsen was born on the 11th of August 1890 as the natural son of a woman who never disclosed the name of his father. He grew up with his foster parents on a small farm, never had any education except for elementary school. As he did not have the financial funds to become a school teacher which he had wanted all his youth he became a farm hand, a diary worker, a steward, an office clerk, a postman, etc., etc.. all of which gave him insight into different areas of life.

In 1921 when he was 31 years old he had an enlightening experience on an undisclosed day in the month of March. Some would call it a dream and others may see it as a hallucination, but to him it was his cosmic baptism. The event was as follows: He sat alone, focusing on God, when all of a sudden he had what he himself called “a divine calling”. Somehow he was told to use intuition to explain the cosmic truth which Jesus had not been able to disclose because of the lack of scientific knowledge of the people of his time. Everything that Martinus said or wrote – and that was a lot – he considered a follow-up on the Bible. However, his sayings or writings differed so much from the Christian Bible that in reality he has written what may be called a new Bible.

As to his earth shaking experience in 1921 he always claimed that it had the bearing of an awake day-conscious cosmic vision: “…The vision of Christ that I experienced was not a dream or a hallucination, but a fully awake, day-conscious cosmic experience, and it contained a distinct declaration of a mission that I was to carry our.” From that moment he really was on a mission, never to return to the path of the ordinary church teachings. He saw his mission as the obligation to show people God and to teach them about Jesu mission.

He had – and still has – many followers and today they connect in the Martinus Institute where they discuss his many works and his “Cosmology” which reads that the Universe is an all-embracing and living being. We are here solely for the experience of life itself which is supposed to develop and refine us over time when we have been born and reincarnated many, many times. In the end we shall have refined all senses and also have developed new instincts and new abilities.

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