The Difference Between Desire and Commitment

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be so successful and get what they want so easily? For many of us, bringing our desires into reality is a real struggle and we can easily lose heart and think we’ll never succeed.

A lot of the difference comes down to have a desire for something versus forming a real commitment to having it in your life.

I remember the first time I got clear about what I wanted for my life. I wrote down my goals and focused on them every day. I was excited that my life was finally going to change and I was going to get the things that I had always wanted but hadn’t been sure were possible for me.

But two years later, when I was looking through some old files, I found my list and found that I had not achieved any of the important goals on it. Yeah, sure I had achieved some of the easy, straight forward ones, but I had made little or no progress on the ones that were really important and that I knew would change my life in a big way. This was extremely disheartening. I started to question whether I would ever really achieve what I wanted for my life.

It was around this time that I started to notice the difference between desire and commitment. Sure, I wanted the results I had written down, but was I really committed to having them? Did I bring an intensity and an energy to my intentions, or was I living a passive life, just going with the flow? Did I really believe that I would achieve my goals?

I started to notice how successful people would always speak about what they wanted with certainty that they would find a way to achieve it. Thus they truly believed that they would get there. Truthfully I wasn’t sure if I was able to achieve my goals – as I’d never achieved them before how could I know for sure?

I started to realise that bringing a true commitment to having what I wanted for my life would also bring a deep belief that you would get the results that I wanted. It is this commitment and belief that leads us to take the necessary actions, and to be open to the opportunities that will help us.

Making the Commitment

Commitment means saying to yourself “I am going to commit to having this in my life. I will do what it takes and I will get there.” To bring extra power to your commitment you can make public, by telling friends who will support you, or by posting your commitment online.

Inevitably when you first attempt to make this commitment, you will notice that doubt and anxiety try to creep into your mind. Ignore them. Acknowledge that they are doing their job to keep you safe and secure, but that you are choosing to leave them go and move past them.

Understand that 100% commitment will bring you dramatic results, while 50% will bring little or no results in what you want for your life. All of us have capabilities that are beyond what we can imagine, but we rarely tap into them. Think of a time when you experienced a huge challenge and you had no option but to “bring it” – remember how much you achieved in such a short time.

Start today to bring 100% commitment to what you want for your life, and be ready for a breakthrough in goal achievement.

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