The Front Door Money Modality

This is a very easy modality to implement. It’s a one time modality if you want it to be- you do it and forget about it. You can do it again every Spring, every equinox, or, every full moon, if you want to. Or you can do it once, and forget about it. It’s really about the intention you infuse into this modality while you do it.

The art and practice of Feng Shui is something that seems confusing and elusive at first. There are many ways to approach the subject and there are many Practitioners who interpret Feng Shui and implement it in their own unique way. Basically, Feng Shui concerns itself with how Energy is directed, deflected, and capitalized on based on certain Baguas, or, areas of your home. The theory is, that by changing how Energy is channeled and flows throughout your home, you also begin to change your very own Energy.

What flows into your home via your Front Door? What energy are you allowing into your place of residence? This particular modality will assist you in channeling the Energy of abundance and wealth into your home. Although many Feng Shui practitioners have advocated this modality, I suggest some preparation work before doing it.

In essence, you place nine coins under your front door’s welcome mat. The coins can be a mix of loose change, silver dollars, or, antique coins. They will form a V pattern, with four on one side and four on the other, the ninth coin will be placed at the apex of this pyramid. The top of the pyramid faces your door, the widest part of the pyramid faces outward. This type of shape is conducive to channeling and redirecting the Energy of Abundance and Wealth to the person(s) receiving it, inside your Home.

That’s it. If you’d like, you can do some preparatory work.

a) Let the coins sit in a cup or bowl of sea salt or kosher salt overnight. This will release all the Energies built up on the coins from previous owners.

b) Before placing the coins under your doormat, Bless them. Set an Intention that the Energy of Abundance and Wealth and Financial Freedom flow into you through those coins.

That’s it! A simple modality to allow the Energy of Abundance and Wealth into your Home.

Big Hugs,


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