The Impact of Politics on the Humanitarian Crisis on the Southern Border

I am amused when I hear television pundits complaining that President Biden has not intervened in the humanitarian crisis on the southern border in the United States.

Amused, because President Biden and the first lady are busy going for a ride at the beach amid the national crises and refuse to answer questions and Vice President Harris is busy winning the coin toss for her alma mater at a football game.

Let’s be real here. The Democrats and the media are banking on the fact that many Americans will forget President Biden’s missteps and scapegoat President Trump by their blatant biases and misreporting knowing that one half of the country hates President Trump.

President Trump is like the sham wizard hiding behind the curtain who is conveniently blamed for causing the failures under President Biden, which all the Trump haters believe, namely, the spread of the COVID virus, the loss of Afghanistan, the migrant crisis on the southern border, the rise in inflation and President Biden’s failure to unite the country.

Generally we don’t know who the migrants are or where they are coming from but we know that they are being dispersed, at the time of a pandemic, throughout the country without any COVID testing or precautionary vaccines and that two of them that were caught were on the terrorist wanted list from Yemen.

Despite all this, electorally Biden is in a favorable position because Haitians and Hispanics usually vote Democratic so a few thousand extra votes for Biden must be a positive since they can easily turn some of those southern states blue like Texas, New Mexico and Arizona with the addition of an extra 100 or so electoral college votes.

Apart from that, Biden stands to benefit in another way because of the unlawful distribution of additional House seats and electoral votes to states with high numbers of new immigrants. New immigrants can’t vote but those who vote will count more than those who live in states with a larger share of the population.

In 2020, without properly checking the alternatives voters replaced an authoritarian with an enfeebled 78 year old who seems more interested in his legacy than in the common good.

At present the illegal immigrants are crossing the border at the rate 200,000 a month ( ). These are future Democratic voters intended to give that party permanent power. People believe what they want to believe so in all probability Trump haters will continue to place the blame for the migration and other crises at his feet.

Sounds Machiavellian I know but that is how politics is played.

What do you think?

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