The Intricacies of Family Relationships

This is the 21st century. There are so many more
factors and issues that add stress to relationships.
There are more demands on time, higher expectations,
more toys and gadgets, high-stress careers or
profession. Each member of a family needs
more space, more independence and more freedom

Patience, perseverance, tolerance, convenience and
self-sacrifice kept relationships together in the past
centuries. There was a strong sense of family and
community. Domestic squabbles were kept private.
Families work on their issues and try to resolve
these as best as they can. Going separate ways
was not an answer even if it was the only answer.
Life was simpler. There was more time to spend with
family and friends.

Today, people are more aware and protective of their
space, independence and privacy. People want more.
Technology is very much part of life today. There
are pros and cons. This is supposed to provide
more convenience to our daily lives. Little did we
know that a technology driven society develops an
addiction to the toys and gizmos that consume
a lot of time. Most everyone today need to be
wired, including the younger ones. It’s part
of the wardrobe.

High maintenance lifestyle is mainly geared to the
material and physical side. This contributes to the
fragility of relationships. Add to this the perennial
shortage of time, there are never not enough hours
in the day. With so much materialism in our society,
financial and economic issues become a burden
some face with blinders on till a crisis topples
their tower.

Raising children today seems to get more and more
complicated. There is so much to want, to do, to have
even when resources are limited. These young ones
are more demanding. With the advent of technology,
so much information is available at a very young age.
This younger generation of technologically smart children
have a good grasp on how to use this technology. They are
indeed better informed than the previous generation
at the same age.

Downside to this is that young children develop a
strong sense of independence when they should be
enjoying the warmth and comfort of a loving hand,
holding them, re-assuring them and protecting them.
They are growing up too fast, mature too soon and
miss out on the simplicity, joy and innocence of
childhood years. They spend too much time
in the electronic playground.

Family relationships have its own complications and
intricacies. Some children go their own way leaving
their parents behind and at times, neglected and
forgotten. Or the other way- parents give up on
their offspring.

Siblings go in different directions, separated
by distance or financial and social status, or even by
beliefs. They become strangers to one another.
This is sad. There is a common bond between
siblings that is their birth- right which can not
or should not be broken.

Families forget that it is not that difficult to stay
connected if we only take a few minutes to take
the time to drop a line or to call. Time is a welcome
gift especially during special days- just a few precious
minutes can fill the void. If shared more often, this
strengthens the relationship and family members
will no longer be strangers to one another.

Family is supposed to provide a solid base for society.
But, the reality is that it is less complicated to cement
ties with friends than with one’s own blood relatives.

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