The Labor Unions Must Decry Global Warming Scare Tactics or Face Massive Layoffs and Loss of Power

Labor Unions in France and elsewhere in the World have lobbied to prevent new auto emissions standards to strengthen. Why, because this will put their companies at a severe disadvantage and cause 35% of all autoworkers to be laid off. The Labor Unions originally supported Democrats and Socialist candidates, but they can no longer afford too, as it will mean their loss of political power and massive lay offs cutting their rank and file – that means less money in Union dues.

Instead the Labor Unions must decry the Global Warming scare tactics or face massive layoffs and loss of power. In the United States, auto workers sided with auto manufacturers to lobby to defeat the new miles per gallons standards asked for by Congress. Now both labor and company executives are under pressure to work together, or end up giving their market share to foreign companies, including the new Chinese imports, of which the first Chinese cars will be sold in the US as early as 2008.

Incidentally, China would like the new mpg restrictions, as would the Japanese auto makers, because their cars are either almost there now or are in compliance with the proposed new mpg rules. Of course, in China, they would rather not be forced to comply with any CO2 emissions standards on their industry, as that would cause a hick-up in their unprecedented growth.

The Labor Unions would be wise to stop supporting the Democrats and their candidates or the push to stop Global Warming based on scare tactics and docu-drama Hollywood Movies, otherwise they could be sunk, costing more closures of factories and 10s of thousands of jobs as early as the end of 2008. It is going to be a tough call, but it is time for the Labor Unions to do what is best for them, and support the voice of reason, measured response to climate change and another political party.

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