The Madness Chronicles – Episode 45

In our 45th episode of the Madness Chronicles, we’ll look at the madness rampaging through our college campuses. Remember, madness is a state of being mentally ill, severely, extremely foolish behavior, and a form of frenzied or chaotic activity. Let’s take a look at some campus madness.

A young lady at the University of Dallas got a rude awakening. She applied for an internship through a service linked to significant corporations but was rejected. Her rejection was not because of her course of study or GPA, which were all right on. She was denied because she was white. That is becoming a no-no today.

At UCLA, a professor working with their grade 6 through 12 schools identified white males as a problem. Wellness Director Ross Szabo said that white students have mental health issues related to their sexuality. He was referring to an initiative started under the Obama Administration. President-elect Joe Biden said, “supporters of due process in campus sexual misconduct proceedings are like the “Nazis” who marched in Charlottesville in 2017. Ouch.

In Missouri, and mother is suing her daughters Catholic girls school for false imprisonment. Her daughter, a senior, refused to sit through a critical race theory class. The principal had her sit in the office for 90 minutes. And then, black students were permitted to come in and Harris her for her lack of participation. Seems being white is a growing problem in our society in 2020.

A white professor at the University of South Florida is in hot water. He had the gall to Tweet that ‘black privilege is real.’ That got him a petition drive that garnered 35,000 signatures for his firing. And, of course, Black Lives Matter materialized, demanding he is terminated during their unrest. The university intends to fire him for classroom misconduct. You can no longer speak the truth.

The San Diego (CA) Unified School District has recently taken madness to new heights. The Administration has ruled that all white teachers must undergo ‘white privilege’ training before resuming classes in the District. Let that sink in… only white teachers must attend. It appears they want to beat the last ounce of respect out of white teachers in San Diego.

At Smith College, where a state of being mad is expected, a college administrator painted a massive target on her back by complaining the work atmosphere was anti-white. College alumni immediately responded, demanding she is fired from her job. Of course, maybe she asked for it. She was told not to perform a rap she planned to fulfill a “crazy” application requirement for a full-time library position-the sheer nerve of her wanting to perform a rap when being white.

At the University of Wisconsin in Madison, a rock was no less found to be racist. You read that right, a rock. It seems the 70-ton rock which has adorned the campus for well over a century is black. It is black Chamberlain rock historically from a nearby quarry. But the Black Student Association found the rock racist when a 1925 newspaper article noted at the time it was called a N—head Rock, a common term at the time. The rock could not be reached for comment. The university has said it will cost between $30,000 to $50,000 to have it removed.

Brandeis University in Boston is the first to offer a ‘whites-only’ space. The purpose is for students to stop in and peruse the materials provided to help them learn of their privilege. The course is six weeks, and the University’s Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion hopes it will help whites become anti-racists.

Don’t you wish you could actually make this stuff up instead of living it? It is madness at its finest, with a great deal of insanity tossed in for good measure.

May we wake from this madness before it’s too late. I wish you good health, and until next time, have fun, enjoy life, and watch out for the madness amongst us. It’s 2020; look around; it’s outrageous.

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