The Man Named Guillermo Haro

Do you know a man named Guillermo Haro? Probably yes, probably no. But why the hell should you care about him when you don’t know him at all? The answer is simply: because he cares about you even if he doesn’t know you at all. How? You will find out as you continue reading this article.

Actually, Guillermo Haro is not a superstar and maybe that’s why you don’t care. But come to realize that there are people that are more important than any Hollywood stars. They may not be that famous but they truly deserve your appreciation. Some of these persons are our very own great philosophers and astronomers who spend their lives inventing things that would improve our lifestyle. Isn’t this reason enough to know and admire them? Sometimes people get blinded by the things they see and fail to appreciate the real beauty one person has.

Guillermo Haro is just an ordinary astronomer and philosopher. His life story is also not so appealing. But Haro changed the world we know today without us even knowing it. He sacrificed everything he has and had suffered enough just to help other people solve their problems. Haro even gave up his social life or normal life and continued giving out his services without receiving any admiration in return. He continued his glorious works and inventions regardless of the hindrances he encountered everyday.

People are weak. We need to help each other and admit ones strengths and weaknesses. We can only attain perfection when helping others and you are very wrong to think that you can live on your own, even if you’re the richest man alive. Guillermo Haro finished his college on University of Mexico and there, he started his little inventions and discoveries which greatly improves the quality of live we have now.

Source by Ron Badilles

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