The Master Plan to Smart Goal-Setting

You don’t need a master plan to achieve smart goals. When you set smart goals which are congruent with your inner soul, you will live a lifetime of fulfillment. Answer two questions about yourself and you will reveal the pathway to a lifetime of opportunities and endless possibilities.

Achieving goals doesn’t have to be methodical and cumbersome process. It can be simple and require almost no effort, but only after you accept whom you are and by appreciating the unique talent and gifts you have to offer.

Who Am I?

“Let them not determine our goals but rather be a source of inspiration.” ~Bruno LoGreco

When we try being someone we are not to please others and when we try to be better than anyone else but ourselves, we exude a tremendous amount of energy chasing the goal. What we find is that we never quite get there. Do we?

Think independently of any role. Too often, we believe we are the many roles we must play throughout a day; I am an executive – an assistant – a wife and mother. We switch from one role to another seamlessly. Is it any wonder we have a difficult time describing who we are independent of any role?

If we stopped trying to be someone we are not and stripped away our roles, all that would remain is “me.” We would find our uniqueness: our characteristics, talent, gifts and purpose – our natural ability to solve problems. This is exactly what many of us search for throughout our lives, because deep down within our soul we know it is what will enrich us.

What makes me special?

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.” ~Unknown

When we aspire to be our best and aim to achieve what we believe is our goal by being someone we are not, it becomes impossible to achieve our best. But if we let our unique talent and gifts determine the kind of goals we set, it would ensure our success.

When we discover our authentic self, independent of any role, and when we no longer chase someone else’s unique talent and gift, we have the freedom and the power to create magic within our world. When we can recognize and accept the unique talent and gift that we have without self-judgment, we change our perception of the world and are able to experience things like never before. Taking the time to share those experiences with the rest of the world makes us truly special because others can’t experience what we can.

When we use our talents and the gifts we were given, we have the power to: i) Create a path that is filled with beautiful and enlightening experiences; ii) Set smart goals congruent to our inner soul; and iii) Create a magical world filled with anything we want.

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