The Path to Abundance

In all ways and in all living things, I want you to see the abundance that is all around you. You are surrounded by energy and information from people and sources of love such as animals and sacred places that give you peace. Enjoy it. Use it. There is not a single stone left unturned. All was thought of and given to you the moment you were born. There is nothing you can’t achieve. What you desire – desires you. Desires don’t just show up in you without me finding ways to help you with those desires. Focus on the needs of your soul. What is calling for your attention? All is supplied on earth and in heaven to help you create that which you keep firmly in your vision.

This is the easy part. Just keep your vision in your heart, mind, and soul. Like I said before, abundance is all around you. You will be given clues to help support the longings of your soul to be made known and revealed for the purposes of increasing your faith in me and the place I have directed you in life and in living. Never forget that you are a soul with infinite possibilities waiting to be born. You will need to focus and keep this inner vision constantly before you. I will bring people with the gifts and talents you need to fulfill the mission you feel your calling in life is directing you into every moment and every day. There is no limit to what I want to give to you. All I ask in return is that you trust. You need to trust in me as though your life, your soul, and your calling depends on it. It does.

If you were a dying patient, you would have to trust me as though you life depended on it. This kind of trust is what I want from you. This kind of trust will give you peace in knowing that all can and should be yours through such a strong connection to the wisdom that brought you into this world, and somehow, knows how to lead you home. It is not as important to know where you are going, as much as, it is to know whom your following. I WILL LEAD YOU TO ABUNDANCE. By the way, you are sitting right in the middle of it.

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