The Philological Needs of Man

In life we all have our needs and wants in every angle in all circumstances. And when we say wants, it convey to us the meaning of relativity in which every man stands for its own wants. In needs, in some point of our life, we have the common ground with its sense that we cannot be able to live if our need is not being sustained. The following are the things that we ought to know in which they are one of the things that keep us going:

Need for Food

Man cannot live without food or anything that sustains the body’s condition. The need for food reaches significance according to the degree of satisfaction or dissatisfaction of the need. It is because it depends on the person on how intense the degree of its need for food based on different cases and this kind of need is cyclical in which after when satisfaction is attained, the cycle will normally turn again for the craving until when the bodily processes requires.

Need for Water

The need for water is also cyclical because the craving of it will be present again after drinking. If we just have to think of water, water is almost everywhere, I mean it merely surrounds us but in places like desert, water is really in a status of intense need. And just like for the need foe food, water can be a great factor in controlling our behavior.

Need for Sleep and Rest

The need for sleep and rest is very indispensable for our body to keep on operating in the right way. when a person is engaged in a physical activity, normally he tends to encouter fatigue – be it physically or mentally. Thus, to have a rest must be done for us not to get ill.

Need for Activity

Our body needs activity to expend energy. Like for instance, exercise is a good activity to keep our body healthy because once we’re not engage in some forms of physical activity, we may tend to feel boredom. And so that is why we really have to experience the life’s necessities in order for us to have a sound mind and sound body.

Sex Needs

Sex need is more incentive-related than the basic meaning of need. for man can survive for quite a long period of time without having sex unlike for the need for food that when a person cannot satisfy hunger, death may be the worst case result.

In some culture, this kind of drive is controlled by sex taboos and secretiveness. Thus, there is a need for more sex education for the people to get educated about sex so that sex drives can be viewed positively within the idea of sexual morality.

These are the things that a man needs and hopefully this article will bring the idea of enlightenment to each and everyone of us.

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