The Pros and Cons of Getting Back Together With Your Ex

Getting back together with an ex can be a very emotional process. The two of you have been through a lot together and choosing to break up was a difficult decision, but choosing to get back together with an ex can be just as difficult and a lot of emotions are stirred up during the process. There any many benefits and drawbacks to getting back with an ex and these are things you should take into consideration before jumping into a decision as important as this.

On the plus side: getting back together with your ex feels wonderful. It can be the most exhilarating feeling in the world. You already know each other well so much of the clumsiness of a new relationship, but with even more passion and excitement. Anyone who has ever been in this position can tell you that there is no sex like make-up sex. Knowing each other makes it easy to do what makes the other person happy because the guess work has been eliminated. Not having to start from ground zero is a huge advantage to getting back with an ex and probably the reason that so many people do it.

On the down side: getting back together with your ex can be quite painful. The same problems that caused the relationship to break up still exist and need to be dealt with to avoid the same outcome from recurring. Just as you both know what makes each other happy, knowing each other so well also means you know what buttons to push to get under the other’s skin. It can be tempting when disagreements arise to fall back into negative patterns and say and do the things you know will hurt the other person the most. This is probably one of the most dangerous parts of getting back with your ex.

A good way to decide whether you should get back together with an ex is to make a list of pros and cons that are specific to your relationship with your ex. Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. On the heading for the left-hand column write “Pros” and list everything good that makes you want your ex back. On the right-hand column heading write “Cons” and list everything you hate and all the reason not to get back together with your ex. Which column has more things listed? Do the things in the “Cons” column outweigh the “Pros”? Are there some things you are willing to overlook or get better at yourself to enjoy the “Pros” more and let the “Cons” bother you less? These are all things you must consider before getting back with your ex.

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